Track settings initialization problem [FIXED 454]

I don’t understand why this has not been reported yet. Maybe it is occurring less often than I would think…

  • change the gain in the track settings (or use transpose)
  • save project
  • load project

=> The track settings all load fine, but these settings are not applied. Changing a setting and changing it back to where it was, solves it. Please notify Vlad’s domain after loading a project… TIA.


The gain level is always problematic. The transpose issue seems to be more rare.

Thanks for reporting. Confirmed with the Gain setting, but not Transpose yet. Will keep trying.

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I found out another weird aspect of this bug. When I enable ‘load last project on start’ and restart the machine, then the gain is initialized correctly. Could the load on start manner be implemented in normal loading too?

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Also having this problem with track gain, it’s very jarring.

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Mickey has found and fixed this one already. Will be in the next update :+1:

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Was this fixed in the recent firmware update? I am having a similar issue where the gain for each track is not correct after I load a project. If I go into track settings, it will say the correct gain level, but it will not be at the correct volume until I select it and start making changes to it, then it will snap to where it is supposed to be. I am running the most current firmware.

For gain, it was fixed, then rebroken. My apologies. It is refixed in dev/beta.

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Ok cool, thanks for the info @Mickey.