Additional Input Gain Control

Would it be possible to adjust the input gain from the data wheel at all, for instance in the Sample and Input Mon pages? Or is it a hardware thing that it can literally only accessible via the tiny knob on the back?

It’s in such an inconvenient place, I’m having to move the machine every couple minutes.


are you changing input sources frequently? I pretty much leave mine maxed out and use the sample in level controls to adjust how hot the signal is, this should work pretty well unless you have an unusually strong signal in.

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I’m changing everything a lot lol.

I like recording samples at similar levels especially for breaks and drums. I like getting my sounds right in the sampling process, and sometimes I wanna try running the signal hot, then lowering it or whatever, I change level at least once for virtually every sample I record tbh.

^ this

What source are you sampling that you need to turn the input trim down?

Aite, here’s some:

Amiga 1200
MPC Live
JV 2080
4 Elektron Boxes

That is not the full list, but the bulk of the current set up.

For one, it’s up AND down. Constantly. This is totally normal sampling into ANY sampler, for example I’m constantly adjusting the input gain on the 950 too, there however, the knob is on the front panel.

I’m also constantly switching between 1X and 10X, much prefer not to use 10X whenever possible though, since it’s too easy to get a distorted result.

I like JUST clipping the red on breaks for example (providing it sounds good otherwise as loud as poss without clipping), pads and such I don’t want clipping or overdrive adding at all, generally speaking. (To add to this, clipping the reds with breaks on the 2400, similarly to the S950, can sound really damn good, but you need to dial in the sweet spots.)

Even JUST the turntable alone, no 2 records are pressed at the same volume. Hell, 2 different breaks off the same record, likely aren’t the same volume. (If you recommend using a mixer in the middle, you’re missing the point of using a good sounding phono preamp, of which the 2400 has 2. And I can’t stand sampling through a mixer anyway, I don’t want to add that mixer’s character and sound, I want the clean, direct source. Just throwing this out before that suggestion gets added.)

The only way you don’t need to be constantly changing the gain is if you’re sampling say, a modern maxxed out sample cd or something like that, where everything’s already pushed to oblivion. Cos it’s incredibly rare 2 things I’m sampling in a row are the same volume, unless they are things I have previously sampled at a similar volume, even then likely needs minor adjustments since dynamics play a part too, how full is the sound, is it toppy? bassy?.. For example what spurred the question: I was sampling a bunch of breaks off the Amiga, and even though they were all ones I’d previously sampled into that, they still all needed minor tweaking on their way to the 2400.

I will also often record 2 versions, one clipping the red a touch, one not touching the reds at all. That way if the next time I come to the sample, I think it’s too hot, I already have a lower one to fall back on.

Another instance: Hyper-compressed break from the SP404, is magically not the same volume and doesn’t have the same dynamics as a soft pad off the Iridium.

Kinda mad I have to break this down tbh lol. And don’t really get why every topic on here seems to need to be some form of in depth debate, with a bunch of people weighing in with their ideas/methods and questions. It was a super straightforward simple question.

Does anyone have the simple answer if it’s even possible, or a hardware limitation?


A mixer my friend. Just hearing the workflow you have described sounds incredibly frustrating. No shots at all but you are literally describing the pain of working like that.

My setup is not an across the board best way but here is basically what I’ve set up-

Anything that I will want to sample routes into my Mac via a mixer or usb. I run a second set of monitor outs on my Apollo and those run to my sp-1200 and s2400. That way I can sample anything I hear and the levels are already all about the same. Yes I have to adjust the 1 or 10x level on occasion(or set the sp1200 to +20db) but I’m not really constantly changing inputs or levels

Ymmv but I would look into things that can make your life easier.

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Yeah I get that, but I don’t want to run through a DJ mixer for vinyl, nor my Midas/other mixers for anything else. I don’t want to add a noise floor or impart any other character to samples, unnecessarily, then add it back to the desk a second time, to add the same noise floor and even more character on top. It gets messy and the sound quality can suffer badly quickly, especially when I’m already living in a LOFI realm. It’s very easy to go from nice LOFI to “yeah, just put it in the bin now” lol.

Direct sampling is THE best option whenever possible. All instruments, samplers etc have their own noise floors too which can be amplified by mixers. Like for instance, with something like the Amiga, it can do this in a spectacularly odd/bad fashion at times, and it reacts massively differently depending on what it’s plugged into. Plugging the Amiga direct into the 2400 with it set to 12bit so you’re getting the lovely input filters doing some work too, has given me probably the best recording results with an Amiga to date, tbh. Now if I add the desk, it’s gonna sound WILDLY different… not only that but I’ll end up messing with eq’s for 15+ minutes for every break/sample too lol. :joy:

All of that aside, I’d still be changing the levels constantly, just on a desk, which is about 2-3 metres away from the 2400, so if anything, actually more awkward than moving the box back and forth and twiddling away at the back. I would just like, if possible, a more convenient way of adjusting it on the 2400 is all. If it’s not possible, I’ll stick to moving the box every time I need to, and that’s fine I guess lol.

I do appreciate you’re trying to help, but it’s just not answering what I’m asking haha.

Literally just asking if the input gain being on the back is a hardware limitation, or if it’s possible to add an option to use the data wheel in the Sampler/Input menu? Not only that, but it would definitely be a bit more precise that way too tbh.

Basically, if it can be added, it would be a lovely and massively welcome improvement, for me at the very least. And if it can’t be, it is what it is haha.


Elektron analog Heat would be a good idea. imo

This is one of those design decisions that is just plain weird. Every old sampler I’ve seen has input gain on the front/top of the unit, including of course the SP1200 & the MPCs. So it’s a strange decision, to say the least, to put it in such an inaccessible place on the S2400.


I agree with you Kiddles, i’m constantly adjusting the trim knob especially when going from sampling in to resampling/bouncing tracks. I made a similar comment about the knob placement on the FB page. I turn the trim knob up and down way more than the Volume knob.

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I also have many different sound sources so you are definitely not alone in questioning that decision. There’s no way I can simplify my workflow without spending thousands of dollars and/or taking up more space

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So before I answer this please understand that I get

  1. buying more hardware for a pot on the back of a drum sampler probably seems like a lot for a fix
  2. not everyone works the same way
  3. the way you work may feel the most natural to you and you may not like the following suggestions


The pot on the back should usually just be set to max and left alone.

resample/pattern export can experience issues and wont be maximized if you dont have it maxed.
The pot is a piece of the output hardware and as far as I know(and Im pretty sure but Ive been wrong before) not accessible via software.

Now that we know that, here are a few things you can do:

  1. everything on @kiddles list with the(possible) exception of the turntable has volume control, you can use those to adjust your gain staging with the 2400.
  2. Mixers dont necessarily have to add noise. I have an ok mixer but no means “pro”(presonus studio live 32) and it doesnt add noise. In fact it has a channel strip that has an excellent noise gate, eq, and compressor.
  3. If you have a mac there are a lot of options for getting additional monitors, either via software solutions(audio hijack) or aggregate devices
  4. Even if you are on windows or completely out of the box a 6-12 input mixer can be had for a reasonable price, getting a second headphone/monitoring interface could also solve your problem.
  5. On an SP-1200, there is no pot on the back and you get (only) the 0, 20db, 40db gain from the UI, which is a lot like the S2400 but less flexible.

I already have a 16 channel mixer. My workflow is completely out of the box unless I am tracking out material into an interface. I don’t have any more inputs, I don’t want to build any more cables.

If there’s no audible noise, it doesn’t mean that noise is not being added with every node the signal is passing through. IIRC, you cannot increase input gain without adding noise. We need to focus on using the maximum output gain from devices possible as well as the smallest input gain so that noise floor isn’t raised. Adding yet another mixer basically adds another multiplexer to the signal, increasing the signal chain complexity while providing extremely minimal value. While the solution could be just slapping a larger and more accessible knob.

I get @kiddles frustration, actually. I somehow have to defend my opinions resisting band aid solutions which are presented to me as something incredibly obvious while the functionality clearly exists. It’s like people accusing me repeatedly of using “wrong” SD Cards when I am absolutely certain they are okay and that it is a software issue. (There’s no such thing as wrong SD Cards unless they are counterfeit)

accidentally deleted my post :slight_smile:
The point I was really making is that the pot on the back isnt connected to the software. That was @kiddles first question. My other comments were not to argue or make you defend anything. just trying to offer other solutions to you(or anyone else who reads the thread). There is no wrong way to do it, but some ways are easier than others.

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I understand that. Thank you for taking the time to be explicit.

It’s more of a general vibe conveyed whenever interacting with people in the world of music production where people discount poor decisions.

This is basically a discussion based on our user experiences. This discussion revealed that @kiddles and I have similar thoughts on this matter. It’s funny because we typically argue :smiley:

I understand that- and I stay away from gearspace for that reason. And hey sometimes the most difficult way is the most inspiring and leads to happy accidents. :smiley:

This was actually my only question, and if this was the first reply, this thread would be 2 short posts haha. Like I said, I appreciate you’re trying to help, but I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and am aware of my alternatives, just wanted to know if it’s possible for another control in the menus or not.

Anyhow, thanks for the reply in the end :slight_smile:

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And there I was saying to my buddy the other day, how we agreed on most stuff (he saw me checking a thread while he was over and saw you agreeing with something). So news to me hahah :man_shrugging:

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Hahaha, I think you are right. My memory is bad on this! Now that I think about it, I must have had someone else in mind