Sample distortion

Having an issue when running any analog sound into the S2400 for sampling purposes . When I plug in a turntable to phono 1 for instance, and play the record I want to sample, it sounds distorted no matter what adjustment I try. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you, Matthew.

Have a look at this topic. If nothing fixes it you may have to open a ticket.

what turntable are you using? does it have a built in phono preamp?

It’s a portable turntable called a Reloop, don’t think it has a pre amp. The distortion also happens when using iTunes or YouTube as the sound source so I don’t think it’s the turntable

Most portable turntables I know have a preamp build in. So line level outputs. My Numark PT-01 has and I’m pretty sure the Spin also has em. This device has a crossfader, right? That means it has an internal mixer (and thus a preamp). If that is the case you’ll have to use the line inputs on the 2400 to get better results.

The distortion though USB is another thing. Try lowering the volume in the app (youtube, iTunes) and listen to it again.

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Thanks, I’ll try that out

hey man I had what sounds like the same problem and I had to send mine back apparently there was a problem with the audio engine. sucks but since I’ve got mine back I haven’t had any issues so they do seem to have fixed it.