Sampling from turntable

Hey there, me again I was going to do some sampling from turntable, and I take it the RCA inputs are not phono preamps? At gain X100 I can barely hear the record.

Hey SAP, guess you would have seen the vinyl sampling video posted on GS. Reloop 7000mk2 TT plugged into Phono input 1 of S2400 and it seems to work fine.


Hope you got it sorted. Cheers.

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Hmmm. I did not get it sorted- Just ended up using my mixers RCA out. I havent seen most of the videos as I dont facebook or instagram. I guess I will sign up for insta and take a look…

The turntable he is using in the video seems to have a PHONO/ LINE output switch. Maybe it’s going line out -> line in.

Anyone else trying to sample from a turntable? ( I’m not in the first batch so can’t do anything here.)


i hate to ask the obvious but you have selected phono on input source ? is the gain up on the back?

have you turned on input monitoring to see what is happening?

it goes to 1000 as well iirc, just turn your amp or headphones down while monitoring until all set up and functioning would be my advice

as far as i was aware from all the promo we don’t need a line out from a mixer

haven’t got mine but i know the preamp has been mentioned from the start

NOT related but remember we have a ground for the TT also

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Im an idiot- Didnt see the input source on the monitor screen. sigh. sorry everyone… Either way, I am perfectly happy using my mixers aux out to the sample input. Thanks @j.m for setting me straight. The guy who doesnt have his yet is supporting the owner… :rofl:


We collate everything from facebook/insta into our newsfeed so you don’t have to sign up for anything :slight_smile:


For ref. Both the RCA inputs can be line but also have phono preamps (good ones at that) switched in when input is set to phono.


Thanks Brad.

hey SAP no issues brother, at least i know sitting here in the cold dark nights of the English winter while reading a manual for a piece of gear i don’t have is useful to someone :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


it is this sort of detail that got you my money, f’in love the way you went after this brother


Is it possible to use these phono preamps in the S2400 just to send signal to an Apollo interface, just for listening to vinyl? I’ve got the workflow for sampling into the S2400, but wondering if I can also leverage these phono pre’s for casual listening pass-through into Apollo and monitors…? I hope I’m asking in a way that makes sense. @bradholland

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Yes I do this all the time.
I have my S2400 mix out connected into my Apollo Line-In.
Connect your deck to one of the phono inputs and just turn Live monitoring on.
You can also insert UAD plugins on the Apollo mixer if you want to beef up the output a bit… :slight_smile:


Amazing. Thank you for the quick response. Hv a great weekend!!

This unit has a ground screw for connecting a turntable. Does this mean that there is a built-in phono equalizer amplifier? (Or can I connect the turntable directly to the input terminal without going through the mixer)

When I use the RCA input from the turntable through the Integrated Amplifier, the sound is fuzzy and distorted.

There are 2 phono pre-amps phono 1 and 2 on the back. No need to connect to a mixer unless you want to sample mixing/effects

Thank you.
Do you mean that if I go through inputs 1 and 2, it will not go through the phono equalizer amp?

Phono 1 and 2 both have phono preamps. To use a mixer use the line inputs.

I understand. I’ll try it when the plug arrives.

Guys, Sorry to add to the dumb turntable questions but I just got my unit back and I’m trying to connect my technic 1200 turntable to my unit. The cable/lines from my turntable only fits in the jacks for the phono line and does not fit in the bigger Input jacks. Can I use the phono lines to connect/plug in and sample from my Technic 1200 or do I need to find some sort of adapter or Jack that will fit the bigger Input jacks?? Sorry as I’m somewhat of a novice here. Don’t beat me up !! LOL. Thanks !!