Phono Preamps

Is the onboard phono preamp enough to boost audio from a Tech12 or will I need a powered mixer between the turntable and the S2400? I revisited the overview video before asking and did notice at about 1:02:00 Brad mentions the preamp is “…not a proper active phono preamp…” but also mentions it’s an OPA. After googling OPA I’m even more confused because all the ones I can find appear to be active :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Anyone who has their unit can you confirm?

it is a high quality preamp, capable of upto 1000x - no need for a mixer unless you want to use one

if using as preamp and not standard line in you just select it in input menu

the phono inputs can operate as line or preamp


I can confirm- I hooked my 1200-GR to the S2400 and sampled at 1X gain and had plenty of dynamic range. Used 2 different cartridges(M44-7 and Ortofon VNL) and both worked fine.


Awesome! Might finally get rid of this bulky Vestax mixer.


How is the Ortofon VNL compared to the M44-7?

I haven’t done a detailed comparison yet but for Serato I think it’s good. For vinyl I lean towards m44-7

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