Problem sampling/resampling at 12bit 26k any idea what I'm doing wrong?

I’ve got a strange issue with a weird distortion appearing anytime I’m sampling from phono 1 or resampling through the 12 bit engine it only happens when the sample gets quieter (which is usually what I want to sample) and goes away completely as soon as it gets louder again. Driving me insane because it makes sampling one shots impossible because the split second of silence before/after distorts it. I thought it was the cartridge at first or the chords/some interference from the computer but I don’t think it’s that since it doesn’t happen at all when sampling through phono 2 in HiFi. I must have a setting messed up hoping it’s not a hardware issue. And it’s not just the regular noise of lo-fi remember when part of a sample gets loud enough it’s completely gone and comes back instantly as soon as it gets quieter, if there is silence/space on the audio, or if the needle is lifted from the audio source. is there some sort of gate type thing going on that I’m missing? can’t find anything about this in the manual or Alex ball’s videos any ideas trying to get this thing up and running so I can finally make a beat on it. I’ll attach photos since my video of the noise is too large to upload. Thank you very much any help would be greatly appreciated

found a way to export the audio from the video so I could upload it. you hear the noise at the beginning until the needle hits the record. Then it goes away because of the loud bass note and comes back right after when it’s quiet. Lastly it goes away again as the louder melody comes in but the distortion creeps back in for a split second a couple more times until the clip ends. I should have found a better sample to demonstrate it on something with clear dynamic changes between loud/quiet.

In no particular order I would try a few things:

  1. ground wire detached/attached from TT
  2. if possible a new set of RCA cables
  3. Phono in 2
  4. Line Input Does that turntable have an phono preamp? Is it enabled?
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Thanks dude

Wouldn’t the first two suggestions effect the phono 2 input as well? Because when I use the Phono 2 input it works fine there is no distortion (using the same RCA cables and ground wire attached). It’s also happening when I use the resample function (which goes through the same circuitry but not using the RCA cables or ground wire at all as far as I understand).

And no there isn’t a preamp in this turntable. I appreciate the help this is driving me nuts waited so long for this machine

Simple suggestion but have you tried to sample while adjusting the input trim knob at the back?

For internal resampling you have to set it to the maximum to keep the original level.

For external sampling it depends on the source of course, but in my case I always have to turn it down.


Trying different gain settings may help. Do you have another cartridge that has a different output level to do another test?

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Thanks man.

I had tried messing with the input trim knob no luck as far as the noise goes. The signal itself isn’t too quiet I’m getting the correct amount of signal but during quieter parts of a dynamic sample the distortion shows up as well. And yeah I’ve played around with the gain settings x10 makes it very loud so I don’t get that weird noise but I get a different type of distortion due to the signal clipping lol

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And It only happens on phono 1? Not 2, and not line ins?

If this is the case and you’ve tried swapping cables and trying a different out from your source such as line out to phono in (trying other sources in other words) then I think it’s time for a ticket. Rob may have some ideas about things you can try.

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damn this is what I was worried about… yeah it only happens on phono 1 or when I use the resample function so basically whenever I want to get the classic 12 bit sound which is the reason I bought this thing and waited a year for it… I’ll open a ticket hopefully this doesn’t mean my unit is going to be useless… Thanks for the help

I’m certain it doesn’t mean that. A ticket just helps you get individual attention for something that is likely beyond a software bug. In one case the unit needed to be opened up and have some cables moved slightly and it took care of the problem. Extreme measures where you need to send your unit back are pretty rare.

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I submitted a support ticket but haven’t heard back at all. how long do they normally take to respond? do they send an email confirmation that they’ve received your support ticket? because I haven’t received a confirmation or anything

If you put it in this weekend It will take a few days. They do take their weekends in general but especially so with a holiday weekend and with the new batch about to come in tomorrow or Tues (meaning they are about to be excessively busy building those and shipping those units out). I imagine you’ll be hearing from them in a day or two.

having just listened to the samples, I think this has to come back home I’m afraid. I’ll let Rob know to start the return.