Hey anybody having problems with the resample? every time I resample 33@45 the new sample is lite static…i have the gain turn up and the trim knob on the back turn up

I had an issue once where the gain of the whole machine suddenly jumped up after resampling. I was just trying out resampling for the first time so I don’t recall the exact circumstances/if I had done something one would expect to cause this. I also have been unable to reproduce this since but will keep you posted if I hear it again.

I’m still learning the machine but if you just turn the gain up insanely high on a track it will sound like static so maybe you have some gain setting too high?

It happened once before this but I was able to turn the unit on and off and it worked .but after the recent update The new sample is complete silence after resampling … I was checking the settings to see if I change anything by mistake so far no luck

I’ll keep this in mind as I continue to learn the machine and keep you posted if I notice/come across anything that might relate


Having same issue. Resampling results in a new sample that is completely silent, no waveform at all.

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I typically resample at +5 semitones (not selecting 33@45) and get the resampled waveform just fine. Can you try resampling like that and see if you get anything?

Also, in case someone new to the machine doesn’t know: You have to set the trim knob to max value for resampling. The max gain value is reached by rotating the trim knob towards the side of the machine with the data encoder, e.g. CCW if looking at the unit from the back.

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Now that you mention this, I remember reading that back when I first got the sampler but I had since forgotten. Thanks for the reminder!