Vinyl sampling volume issue

Hi there,
I just got my S2400, quick question : when you sample vinyls, what is the input volume you normally gets ?
I’m quasi sure that I have a problem with my relooop RP 7000 MKII phono outputs levels …
i assume the S2400 is doing its job.
when I look at the S2400 input levels, it barely goes up bar 3 or 4 of 16 as shown in the video attached…
that daft punk production sounds bad and narrow also…

thoughts ?

Is your input gain knob turned all the way up on the back of the machine? Have you tried all 3 of the different gain multipliers on the sampling screen? It looks like you might have x1 selected which is typically better for a line-level input. Phono levels are much quieter unless you are running through a preamp or mixer first. So you may want to try x10 or x100 if you haven’t already.

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Yeah this would be my first question, is the input gain knob set to max, second what gain setting do you have in the S2400.

I have the same exact turn table but I run it through the DJ mixer first and back out into inputs 1/2 on the back of the isla. This gives me more control over the volume levels for L/R channels.

the reloop turntable ‘may’ have a switch on it somewhere that selects whether to output line level or phono level.
Use Phono input 1 on the s2400 and make sure you select that as your source (phono 1) and not Line 1.

The built in phono pre-amps in the S2400 are better than what you would find in many dj mixers.

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hi mate.
just used the small volume knob and my setting is phono out on the Reloop switch.
using the x10 combined with the volume knob give me a harsh saturated sound, although the levels are 2 3rds so we have some headroom here.
sample attached as well as a video of it so you can feel my pain listening to DSOTM…
I listened also on my Audio technica directly through the headphone output, witnessing the same…

same harsh sound on daft punk and Pink Floyd so some type of consistency here.What can I blame ? the stylus ? the cable ? the turntable itself ?
sample from the sd card :
video shot:

Something is not right with your sample. The right channel is much louder than the left.


Try setting the Reloop to Line Output mode, and connect it to the Line 1&2 inputs on the 2400 and repeat the experiment.


hi @rozz3r
before that I tried another shorter cable, and the most direct connection between the reloop and the S24000 to keep it simple. see video and samples. no issues with L/R. this green audio quest cable → garbage.
still 10x, good sampling levels, but sound is still bad :hot_face:.
I’ll try next what you suggested.

the sample right from the SDcard:

So,@rozz3r, I just tried the line switch and baught new cables to connect the reloop out to the mono jacks in the S2400.
and the results are… not good :skull_and_crossbones: !

…the sample.

so now either its the cartridge, either its the turntable itself …(obviously won’t blame the S2400 unless I have same results with a different turntable) .

By “not good”, are you referring to the glitch about 20 seconds in? I noticed the same glitch in one of your other files. Other than that, it sounds ok (admittedly, I’m checking on laptop speakers right now).

Two tests you can do:

  • record the turntable line outputs on your computer to see if the same problem exists. If the problem persists, it’s the turntable.
  • attach another line output divide to the S2400 and record again. If the problem persists, it’s the S2400.
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The glitch you are referring to is just me loving the needle from one part to another, stronger.
I’m referring to the sound quality : saturated and narrow.

Do as rozz3r suggests and record directly from the turntable to your computer and check if it sounds saturated and narrow as well in the computer.

In this case it could mean that you have a problem with the turntable or cartridge or record.

Try to sample from another record as well to see how it sounds in general :slight_smile:

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