Preview Setting in "Assigning Sound" bugged

Hi Mickey and friends,
there is a bug for a longer time now (still with latest firmware from today, Oct.1), concerning the “Preview Sound” Setting (Shift + F5 when in the File Browser and assigning a sound to a Pad).
I have it set to “HP”, but the preview sounds still come out the main output. Only when entering the output setting, scrolling though other values and then confirming “HP” again, the preview sounds just get routed to the HP. This has to be repeated every time when assigning a sound, so the setting does not get saved properly.
Maybe it also concerns other settings, not just “HP”, but I didn’t test it :slight_smile:
Love, Fabi

When done from Assign Sound (as opposed to from Browse Files), it sets the output channel to the track’s output channel. We will change that to an option.


Yes, but the set preview setting is already not working when starting to assign the sound. It’s like it hasn’t been saved properly. In my example, “HP” is shown as active setting when starting the “Assign Sound” workflow, but it routes to OUTS1+2.

The track already has it’s channel set when starting to assign the sound.
When you click Assign, it changes the preview channel to the Track’s channel.

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Okay I try it more detailed:

  • I want the preview, when assigning sounds, always to run JUST to the HP
  • as the HP setting is active in the preview settings, you might assume that the preview goes out to the HP, which fulfils my needs
  • this is not the case - everytime when making a sound assignment, i have to open the preview settings first (where HP is already selected, but sound is also coming out the main outs), enter and rotate to another value, and just then it really just routes the preview to the HP when i select HP again. And not to the other outputs.
  • this is independent of the set channel of that track.

Also because you write “it changes the preview channel to the Track’s channel” - the tracks channel can’t be set to HP

I understand fully. It is overriding your selection of HP when you preview from Assign Sound. We will change that.

In the meantime, you can assign sounds from Browse Files, and the preview will go to HP and not be overridden.


Thanks for adapting and thanks for the tip!