Browser preview level setting

Would be great to add a preview level in the preview output assignment menu (pressing F5 in browser).

Sometimes a project is a little quite and when you go to preview some sounds they can be very loud.


What about the main Vol knob?
Or is that only for mix and not sep outputs?

If you’re previewing from Track Settings / Assign Sound then you can just use the Mix fader for that track as you browse.

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I can add a level to the preview settings that will be used when browsing but not assigning to a track. Just like the channel settings work now.


That would be great! @rozz3r had a good solution for when browsing from assign to track menu that I hadn’t thought of.

that would be highly appreciated. i have the opposite problem – my projects are loud and the sounds im browsing are hard to hear when playback a pattern and also searching for that perfect snare or hi-hat.