Preview sounds without current track settings

this is about previewing sounds from the browser. i have a large collections of samples, especially one shot drum samples. if im already working on a beat and search for samples, i wanna hear how the “raw” sample sounds, without anything applied (pitch, envelope etc.) to it. most likely i am gonna decide later if i have to pitch it down, change envelopes etc. currently this is not possible, if you’re not gonna delete all the track settings prior to browsing samples.

i think there should be an option to preview the samples without the current track settings.
adn also an option where you could set the gain of the preview. i often crank up the samples +6db and if you play the current pattern, the samples are at a too low volume when previewing it.



And in the meantime making the response quicker when prelistening to one shot drums would be perfect :slight_smile:

you can already do this, just use the pad you’re about to assign to. pad will trigger whichever file you’re browsing if you’re browsing from track settings > assign sound

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I should add you can also pitch and level them up/down from preview. Haven’t tried envelope or slice, I assume they also work but you’d obviously lose the screen view while previewing