Browse Files / better response of the Enter Key for drums

Very small detail but let me request it :slight_smile:

The context is as follows:
-the sequencer is running with samples recorded on it
-browsing drum folders while the sequencer is running to find the perfect drums
-using <<< >>> and enter to skim the elements inside the folder

β†’ when triggering a sample with the Enter key, if the response is higher and allow quick double kicks for example it would be perfect :slight_smile:

Unearthing my own topic :slight_smile:

So the current behavior seems to be like this:

when triggering samples in the browse files with the Enter key it’s on/ off. Meaning press Enter the sample plays, press Enter again the sample stops.

If possible for short samples like drum hits I’d like to have an on/on option.
Press Enter it plays from the beginning, repress enter it plays from the beginning. No β€œoff” behavior in between.

This option could be in the preview Sound window for example.