Browse Files / better response of the Enter Key for drums

Very small detail but let me request it :slight_smile:

The context is as follows:
-the sequencer is running with samples recorded on it
-browsing drum folders while the sequencer is running to find the perfect drums
-using <<< >>> and enter to skim the elements inside the folder

→ when triggering a sample with the Enter key, if the response is higher and allow quick double kicks for example it would be perfect :slight_smile:

Unearthing my own topic :slight_smile:

So the current behavior seems to be like this:

when triggering samples in the browse files with the Enter key it’s on/ off. Meaning press Enter the sample plays, press Enter again the sample stops.

If possible for short samples like drum hits I’d like to have an on/on option.
Press Enter it plays from the beginning, repress enter it plays from the beginning. No “off” behavior in between.

This option could be in the preview Sound window for example.

It doesn’t seem to be a popular request but still +1. :slight_smile:

I wish the machine response was quicker when retriggering “Enter”.
I cannot do/hear quick double kicks in the current state.

How about Enter is always play and we make Shift+Enter stop?

I’d be happy with this :slight_smile:

In case I have to stop long samples, I’d probably use the arrows and trigger something else rather than using shift+Enter so I wouldn’t be bothered by the fact that Enter does not stop a sample anymore. And I don’t preview samples that are several minutes long.

So Enter is always play and shift+Enter to stop would be a positive change I think.