Now we have Stop&Save which is cool.

So why not adding Stop&Save&Run or replacing the existing function?

The first thing I do after Stop&Save is pressing Run and I suppose I m not the only one :slight_smile:


I second this idea. I understand if it’s not possible to save while the pattern is running but having it play straight after saving (synced to the BPM and catching up from the next bar ideally) would be great!


You can press Run while the save is in progress and, as soon as the save is finished, it will start (at the beginning of the pattern).

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That’s very cool, you thought of everything!

Well, the run button has to be pressed so in the end it’s the same.
That’s a temporary feature request anyway. With a firmware version free of bugs, I ll stop saving every 5 minutes :slight_smile:

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What firmware are you using? Mine is rock solid.

Latest one. Waiting for the next one that should fix a lot of bugs by the way :slight_smile:

Pressing Run/Stop at the Stop&Save prompt is the same as pressing Enter. That’s always been true, although I don’t think it was documented.

In the next update, pressing Run/Stop at the Stop&Save prompt does a Stop&Save&Run. And, it will be documented.

@tnkz76 I recommend saving often on any machine.

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Thank you.
I never thought about pressing “Run/Stop” because it was already lit and I was seeing it as a temporary frozen state while the prompt is shown on the screen and we have the choice between back and Enter as Fkeys.

Very happy about the next Stop&Save&Run function :slight_smile:
The addition of the Fkey “0” as the 3rd choice for “Stop&Save&Run” might help for those who are used to press Fkeys at the bottom or at the top of the numeric keypads.