MIDI Map File Does Not Load with Project

I saved a MIDI map to my S2400’s MIDI Maps folder and a project I was working on. When I load my project, my saved MIDI map does not load with the project.

Also, the settings I used for my MIDI banks do not load.

The MIDI bank settings are saved when the project is saved, to a map file in the project folder.
Saving a copy of the map to a different folder does not affect that.

Can I import MIDI map files into my current project and save them to the project itself?


I just did this and it seems like it only reads the “MIDItracks.map” file it recently saved, not the “BlankSlate.map” file I want to use.

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You selected “Load Map” and selected blankslate.map in the file browser?

Ah. You have found a bug. When use the “Load Map” function, the S2400 was not setting the flag that tells it the map changed and should be saved the next time the project is saved. That is now fixed in dev and will be in the next update.

In the meantime, after loading a map, change a midi track setting to set that save flag. It can be any setting and you can just change it right back. Then it should save the loaded map with your project, and that map will reload when you reload the project.

Thanks for finding that, and sorry for the mixup.


My pad mapping for banks A-D got reset somehow. Not sure if it had anything to do with the bug, but I thought you should know.

Can confirm that this is still not working. It still does not load my MAP file with the project.

Please zip up the project folder and post a link to it here.

Here is the project file.

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Were you able to take a look into this?