Count in when record metronome is off

Please let us still hear the count in when metronome during recording is off.

I usually get rid off the metronome as fast as I can when something else is put in the sequence to give me the tempo, but then you also loose the sound of the count in which would be great to still have.

As of now you either need to have the metronome on or wait until the pattern repeats to start recording in time for the first bar.


I’d love a count-in-metronome during just playing too (non recording), but metronome turns off once sequence/pattern/song starts.

Why? As a “clapperboard” (like for video/film) when recording individual tracks, to be later synchronized in post by someone else mastering your full song in computer, daw or other form.

My mpc60 has a dedicated count-in and metronome button; so I just quickly switch it off after the first or 2nd or 3rd count-in clicks before the song plays (of individual tracks)… as a clapperboard.
But, I can’t do this in the S2400, I don’t believe? …unless I make and put a dedicated “clapperboard” pattern at the start of the song.

I know this isn’t a problem for DAW users, since their individual-tracks are all synced up already… but, for pure OTB set-ups, using physical mixer-board, non-DAW, etc., having some sort of count-in as a “clapperboard” for a finalized Song and recording its’ individual-tracks is crucial for syncing later in post by other people or mastering.

Metronome settings are per mode (playback/recording/sampling).

You turn it on/off by double clicking metronome button in the mode you’re in. Or set it how you want in metronome settings menu.

Also think this might be fixed in tomorrows update, but we’ll see.

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Oh, that solves my problem!
I’m a m0r0n… Didn’t even know there was a double-click shortcut for it (I was only using settings-menu).

Metronome on count-in now has a separate setting.
There is still only count-in on record, not playback.

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For playback, double-click-metro to stop it for a count-in workaround still works tho, yeah?

well, yeah, but only if you have a blank measure to play the metro over

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Oh, I see.
I hope you can add a count-in for playback in the future. :slight_smile:

@fooddude Sigh. Fine.