2 things inside concerning steps in step mode - optimisations rather than features

this got me a few times already

1: click on steps with encoder, delete, or do pad+erase, steps remain visible in soft buttons until step program has been closed and re-opened - they are gone from sequence and not audible but the soft buttons have not refreshed

2: when in step mode and i press a step to add a voice i am hearing the step go into the sequence even if playhead has passed, NOTE: once a voice has been actually placed in the sequence and then removed it no longer does this behaviour if added again - already i am having to think of ways around that one

small things i know

Are you talking about TR mode in one or both of those items? Or any time in Step Program mode?
Also, what is a soft button?

sorry, TR mode, and soft buttons are those above the pads that indicate the steps that are active

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Fixed in dev.


you squire, are a diamond