MIDI track pad mode Note Gated records as Note Toggle from external MIDI [CONFIRMED 500]

When recording MIDI from an external controller, MIDI tracks with a pad mode of Note Gate are being recorded as if in the Note Toggle mode. Recording from the pads themselves seems to behave as expected.

Steps to recreate:

Start with new/empty project
Make sure there’s at least 1 MIDI bank
Open track settings for E1
Set Pad Mode to “Note Gated”
On an external MIDI controller, make sure you’re sending a MIDI note on the channel and note specified for the Pad Mode
Press Run+Rec to start live recording
Play the track’s note from the MIDI controller with a short duration (ie: 16th note), but wait till the end of the pattern before ending the recording.
Press stop
Press Step Program button
Observe the note was recorded with no MIDI Off event for the duration of the recording until stop was pressed.

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I’m not seeing this. The recorded note is the correct length, and payback is the correct length with Note On and Off in the correct places.

Which OS version are you using?

Ah I see it now. Bug confirmed. Thanks for reporting.

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