Shortcut/overview of multi mode sync

It can be a little confusing sometimes when you’re in multi mode and you don’t hear the expected sound because some other multi mode is sync activated and you need to go and see what’s on and not.

So here’s my suggestion for making this easier and also having a shortcut so you don’t need to go in and scroll the menu to turn multi mode sync on/off:

You press Shift+multi mode button and the multi button starts to flash, now the other mode buttons (+B button for filter) is illuminated if sync is on for the selected track. And you can now toggle multi mode sync on/off by pressing the corresponding mode button. Pressing multi button again takes you back.

This would make it very easy to see which multi modes are synced and it would also be a very quick and intuitive way to turn sync modes on/off without screen and menus.


This needs to be bumped!! +1

Nice idea! But, what you describe would only tell you if multi mode sync was on for one parameter at a time. If there was a screen for it, then it could show sync for all parms and all tracks (with vertical scrolling).

@Melkerpetterson Maybe like this?


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Oh, I misread your post. Your method would show all parameters, for a single track at a time.

Cool! Yes I think that would do the trick!
I like the idea of using the mode buttons to show what’s activated and to turn sync on/off but maybe that’s your idea together with this screen showing an overview for all tracks?

I just like it when there are direct button shortcuts whenever possible over a screen and encoder selection, it gets into your muscle memory quicker and makes the whole experience more fluid to me :slight_smile:

Yes. As in all the menus that relate to tracks, pressing a pad will scroll to that track.
And, we can definitely use the slider mode LEDs to show the synced parms of the selected row, and the buttons to change the synced parms.


That would be amazing!

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I second that, this would be amazing @Mickey. Thank you for responding.

My thought is very similar but I want to weigh in: multimode+pad enters multimode per highlighted track, then hit the combination of shift+level, shift+pitch, shift+env, shift+a,b etc to activate/deactivate multimode without navigating the screen, then hit multimode to exit the screen instead of the use of the back button. Just wanted to point out that I do think the screen mockup that you made is a great idea Mickey.

Great idea!

Perhaps a long press on the multimode button could activate this ‘analysis’ mode and a quick tap on the multimode button would take you back out into multimode again. (I’m presuming the ‘long hold’ functionality is implementable on any button here)