Multi Mode Sync* Shortcut

Since we all love Multi Mode Sync…

Why not have a simple shortcut for it instead of diving through the menu for each mode (level,pitch, etc) ?

  1. Tap Multi Mode –
  2. Hold shift and select level, pitch, envelope, loop/slice to activate Multi Mode Sync
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I’d love that! I made a feature request for it a long time ago:

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Thanks @Melkerpetterson – Great minds think alike!

I remember reading a post where @Mickey said that feature requests in general are looked over carefully because the team doesn’t want to convolute the process to make the end-user menu dive to get simple things done.

I get that, but we need more intuitive key-bindings. I’ve been using KOALA sampler for a long time now and it’s just so easy to get things done on it. I know that the s2400 isn’t supposed to be 1:1 to Koala, or any other sampler for that matter–but there’s a lot of small tweaks that could be done that could drastically improve the workflow… I’m all about keeping that creative momentum