S2400 Tips list

Seeing if people are interested in getting a Tips & Tricks thread going. We already have bug reports and enhancement ideas flowing, so how about sharing what’s working for ya?

These are some interface features I’m already finding helpful.

  1. Intuitive: double tapping track Mute to stop a long sample/loop.wav

  2. Holding down Shift while selecting shift functions on the top row. E.g. to switch between Settings and File without needing to release Shift, then needing to press Shift again.

  3. Using <<< and >>> for to move cursor, then Enter to select and <<< or >>> again to change values incrementally without having to reach up for the Select dial.


Thanks for this one. Until now I pressed shift+back? or the corresponding shortcut to stop a sound but Mute seems better :slight_smile:

I still have the MPC desease of pressing stop 3 times in a row. That can’t work with the S2400 :smiley:

I like the shortcut pad bank + 1, 2, 3 or 4. When I m lost I can go back to the right pad bank without thinking too much.


I still do that(stop 3x) and I dont have my MPC anymore :rofl: for well over a year now.


Using Faders or Mute + Solo in Multimode to remix live, or create intro/verse/chorus sections.

I like staying in 1 pattern and bringing in new tracks, or soloing one as a breakdown section before dropping in the rest.

Record several rhythmic or melodic tracks using Multimode, then exit multimode and use faders in default mode to bring in or drop out tracks. ** Or use Mute and Solo on the root pad of that track to control the whole track - Mute and Solo are only functional for the original root pad when in Multimode. This lets you workout arrangements without having to build a full song. - Warning quick and dirty demo with bad phone audio ahead. Can’t find my dang iRig Lightning cable… Streamable Video