S2400 12 Bit Beat Tape 10. Jazz samples and old school Jackin House beats

This started out at 105bpm as a Lofi Hip Hop instrumental, but it just had more energy at 122BPM. Bring on the Jackin’ House beats.


Nice one! Curious about pad 8- did you set this to choke all other tracks? I like how you use it as a one shot to temporarily hijack the main beat, play out, then return right back to the main beat all with one hit. Really efficient way to do fills.

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That would definitely be a way of doing it, and I used to do something similar on my MPC, but no, it’s much easier. I have my S2400 linked to a wireless QWERTY keyboard. I hit Space to start and stop, so I am basically doing it live. Hit Space to stop, hit Pad 8 at the same time to play the sample, hit Space at the right time to start again. It’s kind of my own version of Finger Drumming haha. I love the S2400 but I find the operation buttons a little clunky, especially for quick reaction work, so I use a QWERTY to pretty much do everything, from writing in file names to editing samples to starting and stopping. It also means I can have my keyboard anywhere, and of course less wear on the unit. It’s not for everyone, but using a QWERTY suits me.