Tips and Tricks for s2400 n00bs?

New owner here… Having a ton of fun diving into this lovingly crafted device!

However, I’m not wise in the ways of the OG 1200.

Any tips for really milking the sonic gold out of this device? Tell me of the sweet spots!

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Welcome :blush:

To start with try the resampling feature, 33@45 gets you that sonic gold. Also have a play with the dynamic and fixed filters under the Effects menu. Altogether it roughs up the sound quite nicely


If you are sampling vinyl a lot, plug in a USB keyboard to type the filenames. Saves me a lot of time turning the encoder.


Song mode is very good on this machine! The tip of the day is ‘Shift+F2’ in pattern mode (default OLED view when you switch on the machine).

First, create just one pattern of say 4 or 8 bars only. Get all ur key samples sequenced in there (drums, bass, melodic samples).

Then solo what u want for an intro and press ‘Shift+F2’. For example kick drum only. This will insert the current muto/solo state into song mode. Then solo what you want for your next section of the song. E.g. kick drum and hi hats. Press ‘Shift+F2’. Keep going until you have all the obvious mute/solo combos in logical order in song mode.

The enter Song mode when done and you will see you have already arranged a song with almost no effort.

Next step is print that song to a pattern to do fine edits. And boom, you have reduced reliance on editing in a DAW.

Nothing I’ve used is faster than an S2400 for this type of arranging in hardware for me! Deluge is close, but I prefer the simplicity of the S2400 and this very amazing shortcut ‘Shift+F2’.


This should get pinned and added to the manual!

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What model of USB keyboard are you using if you don’t mind sharing

I bought a TKL (ten keyless) Hyper X Alloy (I think that is the one). It’s small, but heavy and feels well built. My only gripe about it is that it is RGB and if you want to increase the volume to ridiculous levels, you can hear the damn USB noise that is so annoying with almost everything. I turned the RGB to a mode that only illuminates when pressing the keys, so I would not get the noise while sampling (only while typing). Mind you, the noise is not audible really, you would only ever hear it if you normalized the silence.

If you want to use static loops for performance (not in live looping mode), I said some stuff here, although I should add that you want to not go over maybe 15 loops running at the same time or the machine will crash. In some ways, a copy of Traktor and a cheap controller is a better choice for this, but you don’t get this organic, tacticle, multi turntable feel, nor the wonderful AD/DA, saturation / overdrive, and pitch behavior of this hardware sampler, which makes a sound much more wonderful than sterile laptop playback setups.

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I wish I could connect a USB hub to my S2400 so I could keep my MIDI USB connections and still have a keyboard.

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