Add Midi tracks in quantize menu

For workflow and menu consistency I think it would be good to have the midi tracks shown in the quantize menu.

Quantize for midi tracks can be changed via shift+pad, or the shortcut quantize button pad and <<< or >>> but it doesn’t seem to be displayed on the quantize screen.

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Seems to be the same for swing by the way.

Yes!!! I made a post about this a long time ago. Makes no sense to me!

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Sorry I didn’t do a search before posting.
I was just beatmaking and reporting all my issues here at the same time. (> <)

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Haha that’s usually how I end up doing it to.

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@Melkerpetterson Makes sense to me. When MIDI tracks were added, the programmer just forgot to add them to the Quantize and Swing menus. :slight_smile:

Will be in the next update.


I see, totally makes sense now!