Live loop bug new project

I think this may be a bug, at least it is weird behavior.

So when I create a new project the live loops from the last opened project is still there, but the A buttons are not lit (like they should be when there is a loop there) and if I press shift+pad and scroll down it says the live loop is empty.

This happens every time and is not something that just happened once or twice.

If I press erase+pad the loop goes away.


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Yes u do to clear everithing in settings section before create new peoject

You mean I should do that AFTER creating a new project? If I do it before I will clear everything for the last project?

Either way it is weird that the A buttons are not lit and the pad menu says it’s liveloop is empty but the the loops are still there playing.

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Thanks for the report @Melkerpetterson. Fixed in dev.