Anyone on the latest update?

I haven’t heard anything from anyone on this last one. I read the notes but what’s the scoop from people on this forum. I skipped the last update so I’m curious.

I think it is quiet, because this is by far the most stable release yet. Most of us are happy where we are at!?

The last update was already kicking a$$…

Enjoyed a creative evening with the new update. Experienced no problems at all. Love the midi pitch add on! Thank you from The Netherlands Team ISLA!

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What’s the midi pitch add on? Think I missed that. Actually a few nice mini add ons and no major issues happening so far.

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I updated and all seem well. I heard that gain issue got fixed in the last update but I thought I would wait one more so I am happy with that. :slight_smile:


While probably a fair statement, we’ve only had like a month to test the firmware (comparing to a year with the previous version). Although, I’m very happy to see such a massive list of fixes being pulled off.

I think the update needs to be announced

I’m struggling to download the latest firmware, is anyone else having any problems?

When I click the file at the bottom of the firmware page, instead of downloading an update file it opens a link to ‘site can’t be reached’? :thinking:

Yes, I had that too.

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR


After that, I updated Windows and the problem was gone. But now it’s back, so I doubt that the Windows update fixed it… Seems more like a hosting issue?

Maybe that is why it is so quiet over here :slight_smile:

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I managed to get it working after a bit of jiggery-pokery. But hopefully yourself and others are finding work arounds.

The good news is after 45 mins of play the new firmware seems happy and healthy! Will report back if that changes

Not sure if the new update addressed this but in Step Record mode, the incoming notes from an external MIDI keyboard aren’t recognized. They just default to the root note. Do the MIDI tracks not work in Step Record?

Also still whish we had an arpeggiator function when Roll was enabled.

I’m also having problems downloading the latest update, something about not secure then a bunch of gibberish. Would anyone be gracious enough to email the latest firmware update to me? I’m on an old windows 8 laptop, so updating windows isn’t in the cards for me :frowning:

My email is thanks everyone!

Never mind, got it sorted! Apparently my AVG anti virus was interfering with the download, so just disabled it and boom! Done!

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Can anyone help be figure out what this one means:

    • Changed behavior of MIDI CC slice number (CC 15), now subsequent CCs affect only that slice

Sure. I was involved as a tester to get to this. Before the latest OS, there were a lot of loose ends when it came to the CC implementation. While I was reporting the bugs that I found (and understood), I had a lot of questions about how it was supposed to work. One of the things I discussed with Mickey was the CC for slice selection. Initially it was meant to work for the slice start, end and loop points, plus the loop duration. It is a block of CCs (15-20) that seemed separate from the rest of the CCs. As more and more things were fixed concerning the higher CC numbers, I was struggling to make sense of the implementation of the pad selection and the slice selection. It seemed to be more intuitive to use the slice selection in the same manner as the track selection and make no difference (in hierarchy) between these two selection CCs. So that is what the line in the release notes is about. They work in tandem now.

So a ‘simple’ use case for changing the filter of a particular slice (say: 4) of a particular pad (say B2):

  • activate the playback override of the specific slice you want to control from within the multimode: press B from multi-level or multi-pitch mode.
  • send CC99 with value 9 (A1=0, B1=8) to activate pad B2
  • send CC15 with value 4 to activate slice 4 of B2 (main=0, slice 1=1, etc)
  • send CC98 with value 74 to activate the filter
  • send CC06 to change the filter

When you now would select a different pad (say A1 by sending CC99 value 0), the focus still remains on slice 4, but now slice 4 of A1. If you want to change the start locator of the main sample, you would then first send CC15 value 0 to select the main slice and then the CC98 value 16 for sample start…

A long response, but I think these two examples help to make it more tangible.


thanks a lot for your in depth answer.

no way I would have figured it out lol.

Need help. my 2400 is stuck in firmware update mode. Been like this for the last 5hrs… Can someone please help? Thanks in advance…

I just took the sd card out, turned the 2400 off waited a few secs and turned back on. It booted to the the last update. Dont know about the newest update, It just hung up for a long time.

If you read through that thread I linked you’ll see some possible solutions to try If you can’t get it to update.