Where to start updating my S2400

Hey all my S2400 is still in the box since I got it about 3 years ago and I realize a lot of updates and fixes have been implemented so if you guys can point me in the right direction as to where to start it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi and welcome.

You only need the latest update.

It’s customary to have a look around before asking others to retrieve answers for you. In the hayday of forums it was called being spoonfed. People usually don’t mind here and it’s a fine line between enforcing forum rules and preventing a toxic community. :slight_smile:

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After you update your machine to the latest firmware, the best place to start is the manual.
Written: https://islainstruments.com/docs-downloads
Video: S2400 Video User Manual V2.0 - YouTube

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You start by updating, then making music. But if it’s been a box for three years, why the interest in using it now?

I did take a look around but wasn’t sure if I needed all the previous updates, 3 years of updates is a lot hence the reason why I asked was just to be pointed in the right direction not like I was being asked to be “spoonfed” a whole lot of information but you answered my question, thank you.

“Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated”

No problem.