1 Minute since last firmware update

Not sure who the devs are there, but this is fuckin ridiculous…
Get it together guys


Too much birthday partying, perhaps…
Happy birthday Mickey, and thanks Team ISLA for the much awaited update, you rock!


Haha it’s beginning to drag on now it’s been nearly an hour FFS :joy:


Jokes aside, thanks guys. I just hope if there are some bugs to squash, we don’t have to wait a whole year to get them. Happy Birthday to both of you and Happy Birthday to the S2400!! I am playing around with the round robin and some jungle breakbeats right now. :smiley:


Just got the update thank you!!! Team Isla for life :sunglasses:

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awww thank you guys, hope you had a great time @bradholland. happy birthday @Mickey.

Thank you kindly for the update guys.

Crazy the SP404mr2 firmware update was dropped at same time aswell.
So I made this meme to show you all how I’m feeling right now.


How do I update my S2400 with the new firmware? please help. Thank you

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Welcome to the forum @halalstyles

Have to say it rocks so far. Using the S2400 as master brain for the studio now. Midi sequencing, using samples and live looping. No sync issues with a lot of gear running all at once.
What i like is that i can do pretty much everything i think of pretty fast with the machine. Really like it now.


I am going to look into downgrading the software on my unit because I need to track out existing projects where I used live looper extensively and now there’s this distortion bug

I mean, you could just wait a few days for the patch. but suit yourself.


In that case I’ll wait for sure. I wasn’t expecting a hotfix to come out soon.

Well let’s keep our expectations tempered. I mean, who else has a birthday coming up? Mines not until August :wink:

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Mine is end of January :thinking:

… that’s not good… :joy:

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I had some weird issues last night that I haven’t reported because I have no idea how to reproduce them. I was synced to the DAW with MIDI (Reaper) and had my patterns running, a couple of them and I was just manually changing back and forth. I had 2 drum breaks that were the same, one I was using the new round robin on and the other was programmed. I was using the round robin one for fills. Then I decided to time stretch a snare, so I copied one of the breaks to a new pad, set the start and end around a single snare, then I entered the time stretch menu (all the time still playing the pattern). Obviously when I hit enter to time stretch that snare, the playback came to a halt and when it resumed the original drum break was silent. I’m pretty sure there was some weird laggy locked up delay feeling to the whole machine too. It really didn’t like what was happening. Then I went to look at the loop/slice waveform on the silent track and there was a small rectangular block on the screen (maybe 5mm high by 10 mm long). I got some weird laggy behavior from the UI again. I felt like I was heading toward a hard lock up and no return. Then I tried loading a new sample onto that pad and as soon as I did that, I could hear sound on that pad again. Not sure anyone can gain anything from all this, but thought I would share and now feel like it was too much, lol. Anyway, out with the old probs in with the new it seems… Still appreciate you guys working on it and I’m not being sarcastic in my other posts to be mean. I’m just joking for the most part and I hope you all take it well.

Finding some weird intermittent behaviours every time I open up a project but can’t work it if it’s me.

  • erase events screen in grid mode shows no event selected, but if I then go to modify events, and erase patterns, then the mode started working
  • editing a step in step mode list doesn’t save. I.e. change volume of one step to 200, cycle to the next step and go back to the first step and it’s volume setting is 255.
  • sometimes, but not always, bouncing, resampling or saving a live loop to a pad stores wave at zero volume. Strangely it’s not happening to me today!

I’m away this weekend but will try and snapshot the issues properly in the bug section with screens and project files.