Select Knob adjusts data incorrectly in envelope edit window

FW version
UI: Nov 22 2021
AE: Nov 15 2021

Bug was reproduced reliably in the following manner:
Added audio sample to pad A1
Select Envelope mode and press button B to enter the edit window.
Move cursor to ‘Pitch +0.00’ or ‘Filter+0’ area of edit window.
Scrolling the select knob slowly anticlockwise works correctly in decrementing the value, but when you scroll faster anticlockwise the data increments instead and does this very rapidly. It soon becomes impossible to return the data back to 0.00

The select knob works correctly in other modes which I have so far tested.
Can provide video of issue if required

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Thanks. Fixed in dev.

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In the meantime, remember that you can also use faders 7 & 8 to adjust the mod amounts.