Frozen Envelopes

Envelope to filter.

  1. When using the knob quickly, the amount increases whichever way you turn the knob.
  2. Can be reset to a lower value if you use the slider unless:
  3. If you max out the envelope with the dial is stuck there and cannot be reset using the slider. Must quit to reset.

Envelope to Pitch
All the same as above but the pitch can always be brought down via the slider so not critical. The above one actually locks the Envelope to Filter so is more critical.

I suspect fader losing control is that the value you can scroll to on the wheel is higher than the range the fader can get to. The wheel scrolled me to +16744 while the fader max value seems to be +16304

Video: Dropbox - 20211222_211002.mp4 - Simplify your life

Thanks. That was previously reported and is fixed in dev.

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