Nudge issues

So im having a little fun layering up some snares via the nudge…But then i start getting random filter cut offs applied to the snares? Like how? Ive not touched the filters. It seems the envelopes are going off on a tangent i have not instigated.

yup - i have caught it on video and shared it - i hope they fix it, they have to fix it is what i really mean

the envelopes are actually doing some stupid stuff at times, flattening sustain, adding attack and so on

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Amazing news! Thanks J.M

Have the devs recognised it as a bug?

i will certainly have to bump the issue with some new video if not addressed in the new FW mate, i encountered absolute madness yesterday, i actually stopped and laughed at it because it was so bad - i adjusted the fader and it was being very stubborn with me, it was fighting back so hard the screen didn’t know what to do, i went down, the auto adjust went up - really quite funny - we did this for about 5 minutes amounting to about 50 adjustments before i hit power off

very funny but quite sad

i have only kept videos private on here as that seems fair and decent, for now

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Would be great to have some acknowledgement on this…It must be known?

Can you duplicate this with F9 lock all enabled?

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@StupidAmericanPig that i have not tried but i imagine it may/should work, tbh we should not have to use f9 that way though

locking my faders to stop it acting erratically is not a fix, soon as i unlock they might kick off again.

@jonesy101 i have spammed a few threads today with the same video i made this morning and you can find them easily, understand that it wrecked my sessions yesterday and i had to walk away from the machine before smashing it up out of pure frustration but when it did it today on new and blank projects i had no choice but record it

so annoying

we wait

i have re-tagged mickey in one of the vids, previously when i sent video he said it might have been due to a pot being sticky - i provided 3 more vids now, it happens all too often and is getting tiring, this is not sticky pots and this is not just me, it happens at random on random channels and to random parameters

Im just using F9 (lock all) from now

@StupidAmericanPig that i have not tried but i imagine it may/should work, tbh we should not have to use f9 that way though

SAP asks not as a permanent solution. We’re trying to confirm whether this is a hardware problem (ie. faders moving when you hit a pad) or if it’s a software problem (bug). IF the problem is eliminated by enabling fader lock, then it points towards hardware (which I know Mickey has already said seems to be the case in your video).

@jonesy101 If you could confirm whether fader lock eliminates the problem for you, that would be useful.

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btw i don’t know if i said in one of my other comms but fader lock did work thanks SAP

i have taken a few days away from here while i try to get over my disappointment - getting emo does nobody any good

nope :frowning:

f9 stops it - so it seems at least bud

it is boxed up now , will be with UPS tomorrow if i get time or Thursday