Faders cannot reach zero / start of sample [FIXED]

so i assumed this was related to the issues i am having with the faders adjusting themselves in multiple pages but @rozz3r asked me to load this up just in case

anyone else seeing this in their machine? if not then it is linked to the fader issue i have previously reported

basically i have to use the encoder to get to the absolute start of any file

yes, i am a bit sad in the video, disappointed is an understatement

serial #1042 on its way back for repair :nauseated_face:

Just curious - can you link to the issue of faders moving themselves? I have an issue where my sample start point seems to jump when I am playing the pads with multi-slice mode going. I have started using fader lock to prevent it but it is still pretty annoying that it jumps. It might have to do with the fader moving ever so slightly and the machine jumping to the position they are in which is obviously not correlated to the intended start/stop points.

here you go mate - using f9 is a plaster, not a fix, sounds like you are seeing the same i was and your issue may compound like mine did so keep your eyes on it…there is video in the thread below too, understand that when i first started seeing it, the issue was not so bad but then it got worse and worse until it got bat schit mental as you will see in the video, at times i have had sustain completely flatten itself :-o

sad to say that mine is boxed and in the next day or so will be on its way for repair

This seems more like a firmware issue? Have you been in touch with Mickey?

Yea I brought it up elsewhere - forget where - but agree f9 is a work around not a fix. I hope mine does not spiral out of control like you suggest but will keep my eyes on it. I really love the machine besides some of these quirks. I was hoping it was firmware not hardware so that they would sort with time. Please do update on what happens so we know!

Edit - I found my post: Multimode Loop Slice Sample Edit Bug - #4 by tigerhill

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A similar thing happened on the Octatrack slider. It wasnt going back to the start but was fixed in firmware development.

yeah i know, long time OT user but we all encountered that :wink:

Dumb question im sure but did you notice this before the last firmware upgrade? If not is it possible to rollback to the last one just to check.

I’m noticing now that if I slowly bring my first fader all the way down while editing a sample, it doesn’t zero out to the start of the sample. I have to slide it down fast (and hear the click of the fader hitting bottom) for it to get to the “0” beginning.

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This was a known issue and @Mickey has been taking a look. Should be fixed in the next update. :+1:


Also this is rozzer, I’m Rob :wink:

Our usernames look the same I know but we aren’t the same person. At least I don’t think we are?

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Great, thanks!

is not a dumb question Peter and quite valid - we all know shi7 happens with updates, i have sent machine off as other stuff had to be fixed though so i cannot check old FW

fast or slow - i could never get to zero

main thing is i caught it and they have it sorted :slight_smile: