Fader and filter pots are not working

Somtimes the faders and filters pots doesnt work anymore. Still possible to set the values into the menu. I have to reboot then. I havent figure it out to reproduce it, but happens several times over the last weeks. Especially when I do a lot editing tasks (filter, volume, pitch).

Could it be that you have fader lock engaged? Check the help menu and try F8 or F9…

No I have checked this first, lock an unlock doesnt solved the problem also reload project. Only reboot helped.

Do you have Fader Catchup mode enabled? (Settings / Global)

Sure, always working in catchup mode.

Have you checked the power cable? It maybe not getting enough juice.

Yes I have stable power. Numerical values can still be changed by menu encoder (Q). Its like pots and faders are looked altough the settings are “off”

It’s def. the fader catch up! In settingsmenu I can reset it (on/off). There is a bug at least with my workflow. Still cant reproduce it.

Hi did you solve this?
I’m having a similar issue…
Fader catch up is off

After the update (2022) it never appeard again.