Fader malfunction and illuminated [8][9]

So, I recieved the s2400 last march, but havent had much time to get open (relocation,work, etc) , used about a hand full of times up until this month.

I turn on the maschine just now, and all of a sudden the #8 and #9 are illuminated (until i toggle settings menu, them comes back on in the main screen), and the faders do not seem to be functioning as designed. The cursor moves but DOES not catch the marker nor does it have any audible effect (L,P,E,S,)

I toggled the fader lock @start, fader catch, without success.

Im on firmware March 10th, and decided to put off new update

Any ideas?

Hi there,

Please delete the S2400.set file on your SD card and let me know if the issue persists.

The issue went away on its own when i powered up this morning.

Thanks tho, ill try that method if it occurs again