Jittery faders!

Anyone else experiencing this?
Faders not responding properly to being turned up and down… Often not able to turn them down completely because they don’t go all the way down… Or they jump back up…
It used to happen less regularly but now it’s all the time… Which is very frustrating… The faders were one of the main attractions for this.

What can I do here?

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Like all are all the pads your’e using in solo and then acting like this? Ive had weird behavior when in chop mode with them acting jittery and flickering nonstop in beginning of the slice which wouldn’t let me cut off the point I needed. But it’s only happened every now and then, not every time. More good than bad for me and I use it everyday and is really the only thing iv’e ever seen wrong

In any mode…they behave like this… I use it every day too and it’s driving me mad


Post a video if you can.

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I recommended to another user having problems with ‘jittery’ faders that they try opening up the machine and cleaning their faders….but later in that thread one of team joined the discussion and rightly pointed out that contact cleaner was the best option.

So, you might want to look into getting some contact cleaner and try cleaning the affected faders. Because what might be happening is that there is a build up of dust at the ends of the fader tracks which ends up causing incorrect signals being sent to the parameters you are trying to control.

But if all faders are playing up that’s probably another story.


Yeah, mine are like that too. Esp with small movements.

i had this when my unit was brand new and made videos showing my faders adjusting things in the OLED live in video, sample start positions, envelope values etc all caught in the act the little swines :rofl:

sent it in, they replaced the main control board

never seen it since - make video, send to support is my advice

oh you could take the side off on the right - - 9 hex screws - have a look at the power cables and make sure they are in tight and also not draping/touching anything, neaten them up - seen people do this and remove weird behaviours - worth a try, no joy send video to support and get help

I would advise the contact cleaner route before looking at anything else.

J.M had an issue from the get go which indicated a hardware fault over anything else. For an issue to develop over time would indicate it isn’t that but we won’t know for sure until you have gone down that route first.


Does Isla HQ have a preferred contact cleaner that you’d recommend?

We use WD-40 Contact Cleaner but if you want to use something else that’s also fine.

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I use this, amazing. Hosa D5S-6 CAIG DeoxIT 5% Spray Contact Cleaner

Thanks for the replies folks… I’m going to try the contact cleaner today… Will report back

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keep us in the loop bdd

faders and dust are swines eh - if the can proves to be a winner that would be a great outcome

oooh the days of 2 channel battle mixers before fibre optics were the norm - i always had a can of spray in my record box when i went to gigs just in case…of course that always gave crackles and shi7e sound, usually a dead give away

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i have the same problem on my s2400 – the last fader is jittery. would be great if you could report back if you can get it fixed by yourself.



Personally, I’m still not sure about the whole contact cleaner idea. Even once cleaned, shouldn’t faders be greased after? Contact cleaners destroy the feel of the faders because they also dissolve the grease

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I don’t mind using contact cleaner or DeoxIT for 20-30+ yo machines, instruments, mixers, etc. (actually love the stuff… as its’ worked wonders for me).

But, for something only 1-2 years old already needing it, doesn’t give me much confidence for reliability/longevity. That would just mean you gotta keep doing it often, or every 1-2 years. Hope that’s not the case tho.

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Oh for sure! I certainly use contact cleaner myself to clean the contacts and it works wonders for removing oxidation and residue.

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just want to report back, that i just cleaned the fader sliders and so far, it worked out.

they gave me some advice at the electronics shop which i may share:

  1. pull the machine upside/down to clean the fader sliders, so that the liquid can run out.
  2. after using contact cleaner, additionally use some universal cleaner for electronics, to wash out the fader sliders after using the cntact cleaner. the told that contact cleaner alone maybe a little bit too aggressive for electronics – im no expert at all, so i did that to.

i will report back if everythings good after a good week or so of using my s2400.


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