Best practices for S2400 maintenance

Jumping the gun, for sure, but aren’t we all? :smiley:

I was wondering what the best practices would be for maintaining the quality of the faders and pads. I’m used to fader maintenance in general being a bit of F5 now and then. How about the pads? I could see them getting grimy from my not always pristine fingers. Wouldn’t want them to deteriorate by using the wrong stuff.

my maschine mk1 is 11 years old, the pads are fine as in not deteriorated, do pads do that?

if i need to clean them and i have never actually set out to propery cleanse them, i just wet my finger and rub them hard and wipe with tissue or get a standard cleaning wipe/baby wipe/anti bac wipe - afte rthis they are like new again aside from the fact the initial glaze has gone but that happened years ago and is natural

as for the faders, i imagine there is a dust wiper under them as he has made the build extreme;ly high quality so i don’t envisage any issues with them until many years of use but a little spray and work at worst i imagine, standard stuff available at any dj shop or electronics shop

I was only saying with some cleaning agents, there’s a chance to scrub to a rougher finish or for the chemical reaction to make them stickier, or whatever. I never know what to use on any of my equipment so I always like to ask the manufacturer. Yes, when in doubt, nothing but a damp rag.

aaaah, sorry that is why i was confused, i wasn’t dissing it i just have never had issues with pads so was quite intrigued

WD-40 has worked pretty well on MPC pads in the past. Just don’t spray it right on the pads - dab it with a rag or q-tip using a small amount.

I just bought a used SP2400 and it’s immaculate except for the pads. While I intend to use them, the OCD part of me wants immaculate pads as well, at least for a few minutes!