S2400 Faders Question for ISLA

This question is for the ISLA Team. While I love this unit I really despise these faders and would pay someone like my buddy BruceForat to replace them because they are so loose like crossfaders and need more resistance like the original SP1200 Faders had. Is this something that could be done ?? I know you got “Fader Lock” but my SP1200 never needed that because the faders didn’t move when I pounded out a beat. If this can be done please leave specs of the current faders so I can match up a suitable replacement.

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Have you installed the latest firmware? You can smack your unit up, without changing a single setting (without using fader lock).

Those faders rule! Especially for live manipulations! Just my 2c.


I just installed the new update and ISLA is doing a phenomenal job. I suppose this is just personal preference for me, I’m a bit heavy handed besides being used to SP1200 Faders or MPC5000 which has a little resistance but a smooth flow but I could see where in a live setup the S2400 faders might have an advantage, maybe when the S2400 MK2 comes out they’ll add Flying Faders like my Presonus mixer lol

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I really hate the word “mk2” and hope this doesn’t become an Apple product (or a modern MPC or Roland product, or digital cameras) that are destined/designed to become obsolete every few years and require buyers to always purchase the newer one and sell the old one.

That’s a huge turn off. If that happens, I’m going back to the MPC60, lol.

We want timeless, high-quality products. Not Apple products (even though I use a MBA and iPhone… but, you get the point, lol)


MPC60mk1 or mk2? :slight_smile:
Just kidding but the s2400 seems built to last. Nevertheless concerning the hardware a few changes could make the machine more user friendly.


I actually find Apple products to be much better quality than any PC unless you’re talking Alienware but then again Windows still sucks and Alienware costs more than Apple. I also love my MPC-X and my MPC 60 but you’re talking about the difference between a 1965 Mustang vs a 2021 Mustang sure the 65 is the original and a classic but it ain’t shit compared to the new Mustang GT feature wise, technologically speaking or horsepower. I think the S2400 is like taking that vintage Musclecar and making a modern retro version that is better all around. This machine is better than the SP1200 could have dreamed to be but without the SP this wouldn’t exist kind of like a 2021 Dodge Hellcat Challenger.


Even if there is a mk2, that doesn’t mean the mk1 is less capable or somehow outdated. That’s pathological consumerism.

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Yeah, there’s mpc60 and mpc60mk2… but, they were the same, more or less, aside from the case and HP jack and OS (maybe just updated OS, but still same)… same voice polyphony, same buttons and layout, same hardware and PCBs, etc., etc.) - nothing to make you think, “omg, I gotta have the newer/better one! Take my money!” …nothing like a completely new model like the mpc3000.

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Yeah… I find Apple stuff to be very high quality too (I was PC pre-'00s)… I meant, “in general” for many other products - they’re generally built.designed cheaper, just to be replaced and obsolete.

I agree with your car analogy… very good analogy. The S2400 is like a restomod of a classic car with modern mods, or a new retro good version :slight_smile:

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But, exactly the point… releasing a mk2 with many improvements and so on, promotes “pathological consumerism,” which most of us want to get away from.

We’ll all be like, “omg, need! want!” …ugh

I’d rather have it upgradable, with updated PCBs and/or daughter-cards… instead of shelling out big bucks for a new model.

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A mk2 doesn’t promote pathological consumerism - do you think they should just stop developing it once they reach a wall of diminishing returns?

Nah, they should put all that knowledge to good use and release a new machine, but it doesn’t make the mk1 worthless or even less capable. A mk2 doesn’t affect a mk1 in any way, shape, or form. It’s all in the head of the musician… That dreaded GAS, “if I just have this one thing, it’ll be perfect.” Always wrong.

My most used synth is a Nord Lead 2…it’s been “replaced” by synths with more features twice (and more depending on how you think the Nord Wave fits into the line). My Analog RYTM mk1 is doing just fine despite being a lowly mk1. That’s without getting into my archaic, limited samplers (two Mirages!), old fx units far surpassed. If it works it works.

Figure out what your gear does, not worry about what it doesn’t do!

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Yeah, I hear ya.

Of course I think they should continue to develop it and also new products with their talent.
But, for me, ideally, I’d want the current model to last for some time and to be upgradable with new changeable updated boards and/or daughter cards, rather than a new semi-upgraded-similar’ish-model. For a new model, I’d want them to release a totally different machine, instead of a mild re-hash (kinda like MPC60 > 3000, rather than a mild mk2 or XL update). Get what I’m sayin?
Of course new product development is healthy and normal… but sometimes it’s way too much and too way soon, like the way Apple or Akai or digital camera brands does it - always a new one every 2 years, on the dot.

I agree tho… it’s all in our heads and our responsibility to control that dreaded GAS and work with what you have and just be content.

Now that you mention it, old synths with super limited features… I too am like that - working only with old stuff that is far behind the modern stuff. So, if anything, I shouldn’t have a problem at all (and be far from) with GAS for any “newer better model” and worrying about gear becoming obsolete. I guess, I am just trying to minimize that risk any way I can, haha.

As you know, I too had a Mirage. All my stuff is from the early '90s and '80s. Newest thing I have is the S2400. Everything else is old… most used is a JD990, then my JV80, TX81Z, M3R, mpc60, equally old fx racks, S950 that I just sold, old Mackie, etc. (and several vintage synths I’ve tried and sold in the past, like most people have).

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I get what you’re saying! But, at least for me, effort and headspace making wishlists, maybes, and attention spent to arduous feature comparisons is better spent using the gear and learning it inside out.

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