Realistically how many more Firmwares can we expect?

I cant see this going on forever. Usually it slows down to one every few years if your lucky. Just asking…

Yeah it won’t last forever.
Personnaly I wouldn’t mind paying for huge updates like I did each time for JJ OS on the MPC. I prefer to pay rather than seeing the machine abandoned after a few years.

Wait and see anyway. There are still some people waiting for their units. I guess this will be a problem in 1 or 2 years :slight_smile:

Yes i guess its up to Mickey and Brad really.


My only hope is that Isla keeps updating the S2400 to keep up with all the goofy changes that will happen with MacOS and Windows in the distant feature. I wanna be the OG playing my S2400 30 years from now. Otherwise, USB file/audio functionality is only a temporary feature.

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