No Pressure, but curious as to when the next Firmware Update is coming

Hey Everyone Im just generally curious as to when we can see a new firmware. I know sometimes you just have to deliver “when its ready” but didnt know if there was a target or cadence you were shooting for.


I think they mentioned that it was supposed to be delivered several weeks back. I’m anxiously waiting too, but I think this is just a hurry up and wait situation, it’ll be ready when it’s ready.


Anyday now according to Brad on Facebook. Anyway I’m a bit tired of finding and reporting bugs that are all probably already fixed. It is just like a volunteer beta tester for nothing. It would be nice if bugs were fixed and OS updated more often in my opinion.

I feel you, but it’s not good to continually we writing OS updates to the chip. That’s why they hold off from lots of small updates, in favor of larger more infrequent updates.


Yeah you re right. The s2400 has such a great potential that sometimes I feel impatient and want it to be as good as possible. I haven t felt so enthusiastic about a drum machine for ages but need to calm down :slight_smile: