How many of us are waiting the next firmware to make beats again?

I must admit this topic is a bit useless but as there’s nothing much going on here and on Facebook these days I was wondering if everyone is waiting before making beats again.

This is my case, especially after reading that UNDO is finally coming. Definitely waiting for the next firmware to enjoy making beats with the s2400 again. :slight_smile:


I can’t lie life’s gotten in the way of making beats BUT the firmware update definitely will re motivate me. hoping it’s sooner than later


I’m working on mastering what’s already there. The more I work on it the more comfortable i get. Looking forward to the update.

Theres thousands of people waiting for the preorder and your talking about this. Oh my.


Well people still waiting will benefit from the feedback of all the beta testers and the previous owners so the wait is worth in the end.

The March firmware has bugs and a few workflow issues that made me think it is better to wait till the next release as a lot of bugs that were reported are said to be already fixed in beta versions. So I m mainly waiting for the bug fixes to be available for everyone.

Concerning what was teased before, I don’t think I ll use new MIDI features and USB audio but UNDO is a real lifesavior. I am sure a lot of small enhancements will be there too.

After the next firmware release I ll be excited like I was the first weeks when I first received the machine :slight_smile:


Make music based on firmware updates?


Undo while helpful never really mattered when making music. When playing live instruments the only undo I ever had was Re-recording it and that’s what you can do right now. Erase and Re-Record it. I think people need to get accustomed to making beats without quantizing as well, if you can get your timing on point without needing timing correction your music will have a much more natural feel just like Live music. I rarely use Undo or Quantize on any of my units" MPC’s, Maschine, MV8800 or any of my DAWS

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I understand your point. I was doing finger drumming when I had a lot of time for beatmaking in the past. When recording a beat in the sequencer I prefer a mix of quantize and unquantized elements rather than everything unquantized. Personal taste. But if you go this way, the s2400 has pads that are not responsive enough for good performance. And the pad layout is not optimal compared to a 4x4 pad layout anyway.

I just want the best possible machine like everyone else here :slight_smile:

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I cross my fingers for Musical Scales as mention here.

I would love to be able to do Phrygian dominant, right now I have to reroute my keyboard through Ableton Live sessions before it hits the S2400 midi input to get the midi scale effects.

Usually they update the firmware thread with all the bug fixes etc before the firmware comes out…Nothing yet

Its gotta be soon surely?

Another project got in the way of experimenting with my S24. I am definitely looking forward to the firmware update. There is a couple of features that I’m told may be in it that will for sure help in terms of my beatmaking method.

Not waiting to make music, in the middle of of project using the S2400 as the main sampler.

But… really hoping the updates comes along soon so I can make use of the extended MIDI control. Using a Pyramid to sequence the S2400 as use a lot of probability and polymetric tracks - being able to send MIDI to control level/filter/panning etc will bring the combination much closer to the flexibility I’ve got when using an Octatrack, in some ways surpass it, and with all the benefits of the S2400 sound and form factor (faders etc).

is the current FW really so bad you would choose to wait before using it?

i don’t know whether to laugh at you or run in fear from my order :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


No. Bad is not the word. Just a few issues. And time management. I don’t have time recently so I prefer to wait and create time to make beats next time the firmware is updated. That’s it. Nothing deeper than that.

As the next update is a big one I suppose it will be released before the next batch start shipping. So you guys get the new functions directly and everyone is happy :slight_smile:

brad said in his video from today, firmware will be release in the next 1-2week !

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This is a massive update. It’s really a game changer so there is a lot of tweaking that needs to happen or we’re going to have pages of reports. Brad, Mickey, and Vlad really try to minimize that. And even with our best efforts we miss things sometimes. Primarily because we all have different ways working and there are multiple methods of doing the same thing. Many times an update may only cause a glitch in one avenue of functionality.

So stay tuned things are happening. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your unit now.


Does this mean i have to print out the manual for the third time? :slight_smile:

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Haha just use the PDF :slight_smile: With the search function it is quite efficient. Precious information being spread in different sections sometimes. And yeah previous versions of the manual were temporary as well. I m wondering if we will get updated or new video tutorials by Alex Ball this time.


Can I ask seriously what people mean by “waiting for next firmware to make beats?” How is the unit unusable now? I can’t put my machine down, and all the future goodies are more than welcome but are by no means required to make music and have fun. Keep creating ya’ll :facepunch:


Especially since the next update is primarily centered around USB audio and Midi with some bug fixes. This has little relevance to sample management and playback.