Sliders on the S2400

I recently was able to watch someone in action with the their S2400 and noticed that the sliders seemed very loose compared to sliders on other machines that have sliders (older SP1200, midi keyboards etc.) This is not a knock but more of a curiosity of if that was just his unit or are all the sliders on the S2400s made this way and if so, I’m wondering why? Was it to have a crossfade feel like when deejays use mixers or was there an overall consensus that the faders should not be a bit stiffer?

The faders on the 2400 are indeed very light. This can cause trouble for medium to heavy handed finger drummers but there is a fader lock mode that will prevent that from causing any troubles with slice points/pitch/etc. The upshot of this is that these are super high quality faders and while easy to move are very sturdy. I don’t think I have used another piece of kit that had faders that feel this solid.

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Often you need to turn all faders up or first three down and last three up (chop chop) at the same time. Loose faders make this more pleasurable mmmmm nice :yum:

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These are like DJ faders, light but they don’t move via gravity if you tilted the machine. They are super high quality and similar to octatrack. IMHO they are perfect resistance.


Agreed. I use my S2400 on a laptop stand that puts it at a 35 degree angle. The faders do move sometimes if I’m beating on the pads but for the most part they stay where they should, even at an extreme tilt.

they are very light but offer enough free resistance too

a good balance, sorry a great balance

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Compared to my scratch mixer, the S2400 faders have slightly more resistance than the volume faders, some of that may be due to the mass of the aluminium caps compared to plastic. And significantly more resistance than the crossfader which has absolutely no resistance on the mixer. I think it’s about the right level of resistance for the job considering how often you need to throw them fully up or down in the various modes.

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