Filter pot catchup in live looper after saving [FIXED]

While using the looper, I noticed that filter pots often don’t catchup values. Here’s how to reproduce the issue:

  1. Turn all inner filter pots to the max and the outer resonance pots to the min.
  2. Start the machine (Load@Start: Nothing)
  3. Switch to live looper mode by long pressing F4
  4. Start the playback, record a loop into Pad 1, commit it
  5. Set the filter knob to its middle position, audition the filter change
  6. Stop the playback, save the project
  7. Now start the playback and move the filter pot again. It is not catching the current middle value! It should be turned fully clockwise in order to work again.

The bug also affects the resonance knob but the other way around: the value gets caught when the knob is at minimum.

Also, something similar happens when switching filter modes: after a new mode has been selected, the filter and resonance pots must be “reset” in order to function properly again.