Knobs sometimes changes value without touching them

Does anyone have problems with the knobs sometimes changing the parameter values without touching them?

I have noticed that sometimes if I’m in envelope mode for example and have all the filter knobs set to 0, and then go to pitch or mode the 0 value of the knob gets registered in this mode to without touching the knob. So sometimes some pads just stop sounding and I realize it’s because the filter is all the way down.

Hard to recreate or tell when it’s happening, just noticed it happens a few times every session.


This is a known issue that will be fixed in the next update. It actually only affects some units, which is why it snuck through. The update isn’t far away. For now, you can get around it by enabling Fader Lock.


Ok great to hear! What’s the reason it’s only a problem on some machines?

All mechanical devices have some slight variation. You may notice that not all eight of your own knobs exhibit the issue.

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Ok I see! Yes when you say that I thinks it have only happend to pot 3 and 4 :slight_smile: