Modifying Multi-Mode envelopes causes changes in other, unrelated parameters (Filter, Pitch)

When using a sample in multi-mode envelope mode, and using shift+A for modifying the multi-mode envelope, the following two bugs have come up:

  • Modification of envelopes on pad A2-2 also modifies the A2-2 multi-mode filter settings
  • Modifying the multi-mode envelope of pad A2-7 also modifies the A2-7 multi-mode pitch fader setting

Video demo of A2-7 filter: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

The same changes happen when modifying envelope settings over A2 in general.

Related to Bug report 5841 - Project can be found there or I can reupload here

→ still happens after making a different SD card work that mitigated the problems reported in 5841.