(A+PAD) Multi Envelope Changes Pitch [FIXED]

I’m not sure if this is a bug or user-error, or a particular problem with this project-- but I can’t seem to figure out why multi-envelope is changing the pitch for certain pad trigs after committing the multi-envelope changes to the pattern (A+PAD).

After modifying the pattern, pads 6, 7 and 8 play at a higher pitch, whereas pad 7 is triggered for the second time at the end of my 2-bar loop and is played at the normal pitch (the pitch recorded into the pattern before making any envelope changes).

I’ve tried enabling and disabling multimode sync for multi-mode envelope and multi-mode slice and each combination of the two. Multimode sync is off for level, pitch, env, and loop-slice at this point.

I also reset all envelopes and zeroed all modulation for each envelope in multi-envelope.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Engage multi-mode envelope
  2. Using Env 1, set a longer attack
  3. Commit to pattern A+PAD

Uploaded project:

I haven’t been able to replicate it with my other project but here is a related post that I found:


Which track?

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Hey Mickey, good morning… A2, enter multi-envelope and commit A+6, A+7, and A+8 and you’ll hear a change in pitch for the respective slices that are on A2/6, A2/7 and A2/8, all multi-sync is disabled

not sure if this would have helped anything at all but I just went into the A2/2 multimode pitch settings menu and the override* is currently set to ALL but I switched it back to defaults and I’m still getting the same result

@Mickey essentially what I think is happening is that once I commit the A2/6, A2/7, and A2/8 envelopes within the multi-envelope parameter stage, the affected slices get set back to their original pitch, overriding the pitch that was made in A2’s main pitch parameter section (and consequently the pitch that was recorded into the sequence) once the multi-envelopes are committed

Okay, I had to revert to the production version to replicate this. It is fixed in the upcoming update.


Thank you so much @Mickey!!! you need a raise :saluting_face:

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