Modify pattern in multi mode

Hi guys
This is most likely a very very noobish question, but i have testet up and down, read through the manual and watched rreleated videos, but i still can’t figure it out.
I have the latest OS.

I want to quickly record multiple pitched versions of a sample in multi mode, so i press the “multi mode” button and “Pitch” button, and start rearranging the pitch values of each multi mode track.

Then i hit record and start recording random pads, creating a sequence with sevaral pitched version of the sample.
Everything is recorded with the correct pitch that was assign to each of the multi mode steps, until i leave multi mode and the pitch variations dissapear, If i go back into multi mode, the pitch variations are back again. But i cant seem to do the “modify pattern” function to “store” the changes done on pitch.

I’ve tried A+PAD (On pad of the track containing the sample outside multi mode) and i also tried A+PAD on al 8 pad when in multimode. I feel these are the options the manual gives, but i still can not store the multi mode pitch/level/envelope changes after recording.

What am i missing here?


This seems to happen only on one specific track, if i use another track it works as expected.

Please zip that project, post it to dropbox or google drive or whatever, and post the link here.

Hi Mickey
Here you go:

Bank B, Track 3 is the one in mention.

Playback Override is turned on for B3. Press A to turn it off.

ouch, sorry! Thats embarrassing :sweat_smile: thx!!

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