Can’t modify pattern in multi mode

Noticed what I think might be a bug, I’ll try to explain. I can recreate the problem every time so it should be pretty easy to try for yourselfs.

The specific track/pad numbers in this example is just an example, the problem is the same regardless of which track is empty.

Say if I have samples loaded on all tracks except track 5, I open up multi mode on pad 6 and record some stuff in on the multi pads.

Then I click the B-button (filter override) on all multi pads and adjust them to my liking. Now when I do the modify pattern for the multies it workes as expected for all multi pads except pad 5 and the screen says ”empty track”. Same thing with all the override modes in a multi, it does’t work if the pad has nothing loaded when you’re out of the multi mode.

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I’m not sure if I’m understanding you correctly, but it sounds like the S2400 is working as expected. If you have no sample loaded on Track 5, and no sequencer data for that track, then there is nothing to modify in the pattern. Hence the “empty track” message.

But there is sequencer data since I’m in multi mode. When I active filter override mode for the pads when I’m in multi mode the filter override applies to the multies, not what’s loaded on the same pad out of multi mode.

I can’t see why this would be expected behavior.

Try leaving (for example) track 5 empty, go into multi mode on any other pad and try changing the filter type (shift-B) of pad 5 in that multi, doesn’t work.

So if you have only one sample loaded in the project, say on pad/track 1. Then you go into multi mode for track one and spread the sample out on the pads, you can’t change the filter type for any of the multies except for pad 1, all other pads says empty track even though you’re still in multi mode. Same thing with the other override modes.

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Aha, yes I see the bug now. Thanks for that. Reported :+1:

As a workaround, you can access the Pad 5 slice Filter Settings by pressing Shift-B on another pad, then pressing Pad 5.


Yes I noticed the workaround to, didn’t want to include it in my first message to confuse things more than necessary :slight_smile:

Thanks @Melkerpetterson
This is fixed in dev.