Patterns and different samples per track

This might be a noob question: Can patterns within same project contain different samples per track?

Example: In Project 1, can:

  • Track 1, Pattern 1, contain “Kick_Drum_1.wav” sample, while
  • Track 1, Pattern 2, contain “Kick_Drum_2.wav” sample?


I think no. And don’t you think as a user it would be difficult to remember everything you have for each pad for each pattern?

kick 1 on track 1 and kick 2 on track 2 for example for all patterns is easy to remember :slight_smile:

you can do this with multi samples. For instance, take the 2 kicks and put them into a single wav file. Most wave editors will let you create this- either via copy paste or with a file merge function. Now import that to the S2400 and use multi slice mode. Set the slice points so that pad 1 triggers kick one, pad 2 triggers kick two, etc.
Now when you record your pattern, you can use kick 1 in pattern 1 and kick 2 in pattern 2 or kicks 1 and 2 in pattern 1 and 2 :slight_smile: It will also help with polyphony savings in addition to adding some creative choke options. Say you had a punchy kick on kick one and a long 808 on kick 2, you could use the 2 to choke each other.

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yep - this amazing concept called sample chaining. you can keep a whole library of single hits, loops etc in a smaller number of files; some really amazing things have been done with sample chains and the octatrack. I think some pretty cool stuff could be done on the s2400 as well, although we’re limited to 8 slices (ahem @Mickey )

Check out this for an example