Creating new samples internally

Is it possible to somehow group multiple individual samples together internally on the s2400, and then re-sample them into one sample?
So that i can then chop into the newly created sample, using multi mode?
(Enabling me to play the chops through just one track using multi mode)

I think the answer is no…but it would be nice!

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Yes you can do what you want if you bounce a pattern you record first.

How do i do that please? I can’t figure it out

Damn…read the manual huh? Got it now… File Menu

  1. Go to an empty pattern
  2. Place all the samples you want to combine on the first beat
  3. Bounce Pattern (in file menu) and save it to an empty pad
  4. Trim the end of the new sample if you need to.
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Nice…thank you, i figured it…or found it in fact in the manual!

I was impatient, as is fairly normal!