External MIDI triggering for multimode

Hey all,
Absolutely loving the S2400; constantly putting a smile on my face!

Im currently wondering if there’s a way to trigger multi mode tracks from an external MIDI keyboard or sequencer? I’ve tried setting the midi map to pitched mode but this doesn’t seem to apply the multimode synced filter settings etc. to the triggered audio.


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There is not currently any way to do that.

Thanks @Mickey may I ask if it’s planned for the future?

I was just going to post about this but found this thread instead. I was also looking for a way to use my external sequencers to trigger multi-mode pitches- sounds like it’s not yet possible unfortunately.

Curious though because in one of the official tutorial videos it shows the S2400 being played with a MIDI keyboard, so while triggers won’t utilize multi-mode, maybe it’s a moot point since the pad sounds can be played with pitch externally.

I’m still having difficulty getting the S2400 pads to respond to incoming MIDI data. Seems a bit difficult compared to other devices I’ve got :confused:

MIDI control of pitch does not need multi mode. Just set the track as pitched in the Sync menu, and play your keyboard or sequencer.


@Bram Are you talking specifically about multi slices? The next firmware update has MIDI CC control of all parameters, including slice start/end. However, I can see value in being able to set the slices precisely on the S2400 and trigger them with MIDI.

The question is, how to implement that?
A MIDI CC number that sets the slice number?
For non-pitched tracks, perhaps an option to treat a range of notes as slices. For example, I assign note 36 to a track, and set it to multi-note (or whatever we call it), then note 36 will trigger the main slice (as it does now), and note 37 will trigger multi slice 1, 38 is multi slice 2, etc.

Happy to hear everyone’s thoughts on this.

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Setting a range is a nice idea.

The analog Rytm allows you to set one midi channel for each track. On every channel, C0-C1 (or it might even be C-1 to C0, whatever corresponds to midi note 0 - 11) still triggers the individual track pads at their default note. The rest of the note range plays the current track polyphonically. This means that if you want, you can do basic addressing of all pads from a single channel, or have full polyphonic control using 12 midi channels.

In the case of S2400, you could allow switching of a MIDI channel between polyphonic, or multimode. Or maybe just a switch to enable multimode midi input which switches the first 8 midi notes (0-7) to trigger the 8 multimode slots.

Super glad you’re thinking about this, thanks!

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The note 0-8 thing is an interesting way to do it, but only from a DAW, not so much live from a keyboard controller
I kindof like the idea of using a CC to set the slice number for a pitched track. It would be easy to switch the slice with a knob while playing the keyboard.

TBH my use case is sequencing the S2400 from cirklon, so the Rytm approach works well (as I have no shortage of channels).

The cirklon can have CCs in the pattern, so that approach should still work for you.

Hey Mickey, sorry to resurrect this thread, but was this ever implemented?

I never responded to this… you’re right CCs would work, however it wouldn’t be as nice to use as note values.

With note values I can just bash out a sequence using any controller and record straight into cirklon.

With CCs it becomes a fiddly process of turning a knob to the right segment to trigger each slice.

EDIT: I’m not sure what you mean about only being useful from a DAW. To me it seems like it would be more convenient from a hardware sequencer too. After all, how often do we actually need notes 0-8.

Hey Bram, can you share your Cirklon workflow for sequencing the S2400? I guess I’m interpreting all this as single hits and pitched playing works, but any multi mode slicing needs to be sequenced internally on the S2400? But clock and pattern change comes from Cirklon?

Do you have a S2400 midi map that you use and then a couple of Cirklon Instrument Definitions depending on pitches or percussive parts of the map?

Sequencing “normal” (none multi-mode) S2400 channels from the Cirklon works exactly as expected - you can trigger notes at any pitch and use CC automation to control filter etc.

Cirklon is always master clock, as this is one of its fortes (unless I need to sync VSTs/VCVRack in which case the clock comes from my computer via Expert Sleepers hardware, which is sample accurate).

What I have for my Analog Rytm (and would ideally be the same for S2400) is two Cirklon instrument definitions - one for controlling a single pitched track, and one for triggering across all of the 8 tracks (/multis) at once.

What’s missing in S2400 is the ability to sequence a multi. What I’d like to do is…

  1. setup the 8 multis on the S2400 (different pitch/filter/env settings on each pad)
  2. load up my “S2400 multi” instrument definition on Cirklon
  3. use CK mode with 8 lanes to sequence each of the 8 multis on one screen
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I was thinking something along the lines of:

If at the top of the pad map list you could assign Multi Sync AB and Multi Sync CD to a midi input channel independently. Then you assign what pads would be in that mode.

So A1-1 through A1-8 would always be notes 0-7 on that assigned channel. B8-1 through B8-8 would always be 120-127. And likewise for C1 and D8. But if pad A2 wasn’t in Multi Sync map mode it would just play either pitch or one shot for notes 8-15 according to settings.

Then you could map everything on two really long piano rolls…

Me not being a programmer though, this could be totally moronic.