Troubleshoot Slice/Note Help

I have a sample set up on A3 that I have set to slice/note. I am controlling with a keystep. I have set up a multimode for the track settings with different filter, pitch, level, and envelope settings. When I go to trigger each multi with the keystep the main sample (c3) and the next five multis (c#3 - f3) trigger as normal, however, the last three multis (f#3, g3, g#3) trigger at extremely low volumes which is not how the multi is set up. Another thing happening is the pad lights in multimode stay lit up even after the key is released for 6 of the 8 pads. Any thoughts on what might be going on here? Happy to clarify if this doesn’t make sense.

You could monitor MIDI data coming through in the sync menu. It might give you some answers

Thanks for the response, I actually fugured it out. User Error of course. My slices were set incorrectly so I was triggering the very end of the sample.